>i just read this on keri smith’s blog and sighed a huge exhalation of relief…

i don’t think one should ever be too solid in their thinking

good thing, because i am a wishy-washy caddywompus blowin’-in-the-wind kind of chick lately. i feel like i have a totally keen sense of who i am and what i’m about, but then i change direction about every other day (i’m an MDiv student – no, wait, i’m an MFT student – no, wait, i’m “stopping out” for a bit to get my head screwed on straight – i’m depressed – no,i’m just a new mom and this is normal – i’m a writer – but then when was the last time i wrote anything?). see what i mean?

and sometimes I feel like all i’ve got lately is being a totally devoted mommy-o-the-year candidate. which is fabulous, of course, but a little limiting of a role. i mean, seriously – when did my blog degenerate into an olive photo album?

it feels very good to be told that it’s okay to be mushy in my thinking. particularly ‘cuz my head feels like it’s full of pudding anyway.

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