To the bugs who have infested my garden:

You win. The tomatillo plant is yours. I don’t know what the heck you do with a tomatillo, anyway… I’ve heard of them in salsa, but otherwise, I don’t know – and I make a mean salsa without them.

I’m bitter, though. First of all, that you somehow managed to persevere through three different organic insecticides (all of which were quite expensive, I assure you). Second of all, that you continue to taunt me by going at it on all the half-eaten leaves of my plant whenever I come outside. I mean, can you get a room? Or at LEAST just wait till I go back inside? Seriously, judging from all the eggs ALL OVER my plant, you’re getting enough action. It’s almost embarrassing.

And I know – you’re still harboring a grudge over the kidnapping of one of your family. But I only took him to Bachman’s. It’s a happy buggy place, and I had to know what on earth you all were – so I could ward you off, of course. But not kill you, I promise! I swore I would garden organically, so I meant you no harm.

But you win. It’s over. After months of no tomatillos, anyway, I’m done. You can have it.

For the rest of the day, anyway. And then I chop it down and throw it in the compost bin.

Ha ha ha ha ha.


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  1. >You are missing out on the tomatillos! Oh the delicious tomatillo guac that you will be missing! Damn bugs! I hope you will find a way to fill the void.

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