>Today I caught the very moment the lights went on in downtown Minneapolis.

There’s something magical about that moment – about being tuned in at that exact time, that split second when the electricity crackles through….when the streetlights blink on, the neon begins to glow, the signs shine up. It’s as if the universe bends down to say, “Awww, honey… here, let me let you in on a little something…” And a little grace is bestowed. A gift.

Tonight I am strangely blessed.

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  1. >I can’t get the comment box for 11/8 to open for me (user error on my end, I’m assuming), so I’m posting here about your library find. And what a find it is! I acquired a new wooden cigar box this week to add to my collection, but that’s nothing like the treasure of a card catalog drawer. What are you going to use it for?SBW

  2. >SBW – I’m not sure yet. They had them as CD holders in the shop, but I think it needs something a little more… special. My husband and I are working on setting up a little nook in our bedroom to be my “spot” – where I can sit to write and rad and have some downtime. All I know so far is that the drawer has to be there.Hey – do you want one? I’d happily get one for you… I don’t know where you are or what shipping would be, but – the offer’s out there.~Miss Eliza

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