>Ah, the donut recipe made the gout ad go away!

Monday morning looms… the kitchen is full of the remnants of party, dishes stacked in the sink, flour on the counter. One would think that the denouement of the weekend would have included these things, but Sunday has been merely afterglow.

And what does Monday mean when one is unemployed, save that the hubby returns to work?

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  1. >I can’t find your e-mail address. Maybe I am just dumb, but could you e-mail me at andyouknowwhatelse at gmail dot com. This is for the blog share. Thanks!

  2. >chickenbells – I’ll post more recipes for you – as soon as I get over this flu bug. Right now, all food makes me want to run to the bathroom. Yipe!-r- – I emailed you! 🙂

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