>The stomach flu. That’s what this is that I’m wrestling… and I’m telling you, it ain’t pretty. I am now fabulously motivated to keep our bathroom floor spic and span because oh, how nice a cool floor feels against a hot cheek when you’re resting… and it would feel nicer if I remembered when I last mopped it.

And in those moments of rest, I’ve been struck by how like labor this is. That sensation of the body taking over, telling the mind how things are going to be. Or maybe simply showing how things are. There’s such a feeling of utter helplessness; there is no control in my hands. The only choice I have, in these situations, is how much I’m going to let it hurt. I can either relax, breathe into it, ride the contraction, and let it be – or I can tense, fight it, and hurt SO MUCH MORE.

So for tonight I’m trying to ride it, let my body expunge the offensive things from within. And I’m wondering – how much is this a metaphor for life? Am I preaching to myself here, about the firing? Relax into it, ride it out. Don’t fight it. Let it be. It will hurt less if you breathe into it.

*** tomorrow there will be an anonymous guest poster here – and my anonymous post will be on someone else’s blog. I’ll post a list for you of all the blogs participating, if you want to see what we all post when we know no one will know it was us. It could be some fun reading!!

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