>3 of Each

>The prompt for today…

List 3 successes you’ve had in the last year, then name 3 things that scare you about the next six months.


  • I had Olive. There were times in there I didn’t think I would survive pregnancy, and I was pretty darn sure I would have a mental break during labor – but here she is, beautiful and all mine, and I’m turning out to be quite a decent mommy.
  • I have begun pursuing writing, after much procrastination and self doubt. I’ve been blogging, journaling, researching writing classes and coaches, pondering friends with whom I can share my work, and in all respects moving in the direction of my dream despite a lot of fear. This is huge.
  • I survived my first year of grad school (in the midst of morning sickness), figured out I was in the wrong program and switched, and am persevering.


  • Going back to work. I’m scared to be away from Olive. I’m scared my head will be on her every moment. And even more so, I’m scared that I’ll like being back at work.
  • Having to work more than my current 30 hours to make ends meet. Between school, diapers, child care in the spring, and all the other demands, I don’t know if we can cut it anymore.
  • Not managing my time well and slipping into a utilitarian existence where every moment is eaten up with work, school, and mommying, so that writing and creating fall by the wayside. I’ve made too much progress to let it screech to a halt again.
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