>33 Everybody

>Per our Sunday evening ritual, the hub and I watched Jack Van Impe Presents last night – a show which amuses, irritates and terrifies me in equal parts. Well, maybe not equal parts, but anyway… here’s what I “learned” (note quotation marks).

In the afterlife, we will all be in our 33 year old bodies, because that’s how old Christ was when he died.

And all I have to say in response to that is… you call that heaven?!?! Try my 24 year old body, why don’t you? Cuz I’m still 4 years off from 33, and this body is already going to pot.

I’m just sayin’.

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0 thoughts on “>33 Everybody

  1. >woah. 33. i have to admit, e, i am in better shape now than when i was 24. so i am kind of ok with that. ps – comment moderation authentication letters are like ikea names for furniture, etc: mulxpy…dznstoyo

  2. >yeah, i hear you – i think the mommy thing screwed me. and the pill. better shape health-wise now, better shape looks-wise then. it’s a toss up, i suppose. guess i should get my heinie in gear for the next four years!

  3. >Hmmm…. 2 responses long, then short.I wonder how that calculates in the transfiguration and the resurrection… His earthly body was about 33, but what about the fact that he was eternal and ageless? Granted I do feel pretty pristine– I’m thinking that my body recreated will still be ten times better than it is now. B/c we haven’t even considered the ravishness of sin upon my body. Maybe it’s what my true body would look like at age 33.Short:Who the heck comes with such ridiculous ideas? =0)

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