>As is so often the case, I have no idea what I want to write.

A friend once told me, after a leadership conference we’d attended together, that he wanted to hear what I thought about it when I was ready to talk. I know you take a while to process things, he said, you’re like a crockpot. We’re microwaves – put something in and we zap it and pop it back out real quick. But you simmer for a good long while and then turn out a full dinner.

I have never felt so understood.

But, I have to say, this drives me nuts about myself. I have topics swirling in my head, posts slowly linking together in long strings that trail about my psyche… but I can’t seem to get them out until they’re perfectly done. It’s not that I won’tI really honestly am unable. I don’t know how else to explain it.

This really irks me.

Like now, I am thinking about so many things – the inner argument I have going about having another munchkin, my doubts about getting involved in a church again, my Mom guilt, funny things that happened at work, some creative writing. But they’re all stuck.

Sometimes I feel like a big, somewhat pretty (if misshapen) bottle full of fanciful, delightful things (lots of gorgeous symphonies) but completely stopped up with a humongous tightly squeezed cork. Every once in a while something ekes out.

Any advice on how to help it happen more often?

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