>baking bookends

>The weekend began as all things should – with a celebration. Yours truly will be working in a special education class with Minneapolis Public Schools (yippee!!) and to honor the momentous occasion, Olive and I baked chocolate chip cookies (which, along with all things chocolate, she refers to as “CHOC!”). The mixing bowl was on the kitchen floor and we sat crosslegged around it, dumping in ingredients and both grasping the wooden spoon to stir. Not normally a cookie dough gal, I defied convention and partook; O and I ate nearly half the batter in fits of giggles and “mmmmmm”s. Then we devoured the gooey baked lovelies, too…. it was a gloriously marvelous way to commence the respite of two days off.

The weekend ended with a surly day of spatting, one of those where no matter how we tried, no matter the topic at hand, Jeff and I could not see eye to eye. He dropped Olive and I off after a miserable subarctic outing and said he was going “out” – I went inside with my tantrum throwing daughter and decided to deal in the way I do best. Ricotta Pound Cake.

When in doubt, bake.

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  1. >I envy that you can cook and bake after spatting. I would like to be able to do that. I tend to read something really trashy when I am in that state of mind, and that effort doesn’t get me any pound cake.I’m glad you are posting!

  2. >SBW – I bet your hips appreciate that method of handling better! If we have too many fights I’m going to end up like a whale because I cannot help but bake as therapy. And that pound cake has almost a pound of butter in one little loaf (thus the name??) – my arteries are crying out for a little peace!

  3. >And hey – I’m glad I’m posting, too. I don’t know what happened to me last week, but I feel so much better now! I had to hold myself back from posting about every couple of hours yesterday. 🙂

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