>belly button envy

Yesterday as I walked around the mall on my day off I noticed this cute little lady coming out of the maternity shop, about as pregnant as I, with this adorable little bump on the front of her belly. Driving home, I saw another little gal, prego as can be, outside a specialty baby shop and she, too, had a nice little anthill on her belly – like the thing in the Thanksgiving turkey that pops up to let you know when it’s done. Mine, as you can see here, is still a stubborn innie with no inclination to pop… and it’s quite a nice advertisement for never getting your belly button pierced. I swear, mine’s been out for years now and just look at it (yes, the part above what appears to be my belly button actually used to be inside the belly button, which is mildly startling). These are the things that get airbrushed out when Britney Spears poses for nude pregnant magazine covers, I promise you.

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