>Bloody Brilliant

>So, when I was preparing this post in my head earlier it was a blurb about words I think should be used more often. But slowly a theme emerged… which boils down to the fact that I ought to be British. I love:

  • codswallop
  • lovely
  • right-o
  • cheers
  • bloody
  • bollucks (that word is just too darn cute to be thought of as a curse word)
  • the phrase “I did do” (thinking Gwyneth on the train in Sliding Doors)

That’s all I can think of right now, but I promise you, 99% of the words I thought up that we don’t use often enough were Brit terms. In addition, I am addicted to British movies (Million, Saving Grace, Waking Ned Devine – does Harry Potter count?), I actually enjoy English food (besides the fact that it’s just plain fun to order something called bangers ‘n mash), I adore British accents (not that I’d go all Madonna and start sporting one after a month or so of living there), and I love BBC news and tv shows (although once they killed off my favorite character I gave up Ballykissangel without looking back – and I still don’t get British humour) – oh! and there’s another thing! I LOVE the u in words like colour, humour, etc. And theatre instead of theater. So… don’t be surprised if I suddenly announce I’m moving to London.

Oh, and the other words I think we should use more often that actually aren’t British? Caddywompus and cartouche. There are entirely too few opportunities to crack those puppies out.

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