>As a proud sister, mommy, and daughter-in-law, please indulge me in giving some well-deserved kudos:

  • My little bro, Brett, only missed ONE on his LSAT – a 169 out of 170. He’s a little bummed (so close, and yet so far) since he got a perfect score on the practice one, but come on… how much sympathy can you give the guy?
  • My father-in-law just finished his doctoral dissertation. Woohoo, Gary!! I’m proud of you!!
  • Olive is a walkin’ lady. Of course, she looks like a drunken sailor tottering around, and she’s so darn pleased with herself that she does this crazy Jimmy Durante style laugh the whole time she’s teetering along… I nearly lose my mind each and every time. My proud momma heart is like to bursting.

Yeay, all you lovely people! I love you!!

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