bright and beautiful

There’s so much to life, isn’t there? The daily, mundane stuff – are there clean clothes? Dirty dishes growing who knows what in the sink? There’s the stressful, oh-so-important stuff like tax audits and has that mortgage modification gone through yet? There’s the soul-deep stuff of what am I doing with my life? Is my heart satisfied with who I am and what I’m doing? The relational pieces – where are my loves at? Am I connecting enough with them? And the always present What’s for dinner? It’s so much to process and deal with and make sense of …..and yet… And yet.

And yet just to be alive is a glorious thing, isn’t it?

I’m in a brand spanking new season of burgeoning hope and sprightly energy that’s coming from I don’t know where, and I’ve learned at this point in my life to seize that because it could be over tomorrow and no matter how long it does last, the season of slogging will come again so GET SOME MILEAGE. So today I was a roaring lion and a tinkerer and an agent for change in many ways big and small. And I’m grateful, even for the things that are hard and shadowy and I don’t know if they’ll turn out all right because things will always get better even if they get worse first and in the meantime there’s birthdays and watermelon and giggles and hot showers and how can you not love all that?

It is a great and glorious life full of things bright and beautiful. Always.


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