california dreamin’

I woke up today somehow bereft of the knowledge that I have lived in Minneapolis – and happily, this – for over three years. My first thoughts were of walking with a girlfriend around Lake Murray (sacrilege! we have so many fabulous lakes here!) and then absconding with her to a flick at the Grossmont Center Trolley theater (which is apparently, according to an internet search, now closed)… and driving around later I craved a cozy dinner at the clock-tree restaurant whose name I can never remember, the scrumptious little place on Park Avenue in University Heights with the big clock and tree outside (looked it up – Parkhouse Eatery).

I wonder how long this will continue, these days of floating in ambiguity where time hasn’t passed. Will I be 50, having lived outside of San Diego for over 20 years, and still have days where I wake up and think I’m there? Where the palate of my mind and tongue yearn only for San Diego’s flavor? Is the place so weaved into my self and soul that it can never be extricated?

I think I want it to be.

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  1. >It’s funny, when we were in Italy, I was thinking, “I will NEVER have food like this again!” And to some extent, I think that is true. However, I did drive through Hillcrest yesterday looking for a FedEx and realized, there are so many awesome restaurants in Hillcrest, just in walking distance, I could live here for the rest of my life and never have tried all the good food. Come. Visit. We’ll eat. 😉

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