mostly treats


Olive requested a kitty pumpkin, so I did my best.

My little Dorothy could’ve trick-or-treated all night and never gone home.

Sleepy leopard baby lasted about two blocks before passing out on momma’s shoulder for the night.I showed my true personality.

And my favorite part…. relaxing afterwards, in a sugar coma.

Hope you had a happy Halloween!


just write




Sitting here in the Kohl’s parking lot, sweet baby snuggled in my arms, sweet not-so-baby dozing on the backseat after a fun-filled day at kindergarten. I remember when these sorts of things used to bother me, make me antsy…there are things to do and places to go and I can’t sit here wasting time… And I know that at home there is laundry sitting in both the washer and the dryer. The floor is so dusty you absolutely have to wear shoes so you don’t get hobbit feet. A zillion thank you notes wait to be written, and dinner needs to be cooked. Not to mention that we haven’t even begun the errand we came here for…

And yet sitting here I find myself…. content. I’m listening to the wind and the chirping birds, cuddling lovely little Lila against me where she fell asleep nursing. I hear Olive sighing in her sleep and her face looks so peaceful… not to mention the empty cup beside me with the dregs of pumpkin milkshake in it. There’s time. There’s space. It will all get done – maybe not today, but that’s okay.

I find myself smiling as I gaze out the window, and when I look down at Lila… she’s smiling, too.

*written as part of Just Write, my friend Heather’s freewriting link-up. Join in & read some of the other posts here.


lila jane

Meet my baby girl, Lila Jane Strike! She won’t make her public appearance until late August, but here’s a shadowy image to sate you (me?) till then.

The ultrasound tech said, “I’m pretty sure it’s a girl,” and Olive smugly replied, “I told you so.”

And Olive also named her… almost as soon as we told her that she was going to have a little sister or brother she said, “If it’s a girl I want to name it Lila, and if it’s a boy it’s Tiger.” We quickly nixed Tiger Strike (can you imagine?!?) but Lila stuck… I’ve always loved it and Olive brought Jeff around. I’m guessing Miss O will hold that over her sister’s head for her entire life. As an older sister, I would’ve.

And here I would like to throw out a heartfelt thank you to everyone who is math, science & tech gifted and who works to make things like this possible – that I could go into a dim room, have goo & a plastic thingamabob rubbed on my belly and then – as if by magic – see my baby girl wriggle and yawn and live, is absolutely amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the people who make such things happen. You rock.



 I caught this view through our windshield as we drove home from Hastings last weekend. It was one of those amazing sunsets where you can, for some odd reason, look directly at the sun as it’s going down. The sky was so perfectly lit up, and I loved the vintage car in front of us. These are the gorgeous moments I live for.


lovely lovely Sunday


Beautiful scenery, cute animals, hay bales (remember how I love those?), honey sticks, cider, pumpkins!!, a tractor ride… ahhhhh. Lovely. And then a trip to the Malt Shop for the hub’s birthday (and believe it or not, I decided to forego the malt. Crazy, isn’t it?) – replete with melted ham & swiss on rye – HEAVEN. We came home to some drama – the garage of the house behind ours had exploded (!) and there were fire trucks everywhere, not to mention smoke throughout our house – but as I keep reminding Olive, no one was hurt and every house was fine so all in all, not so bad. And then little miss and I went to our neighbors’ house to get some last use out of the jumpy Walker had at his birthday party yesterday and we ended up spending the entire afternoon/evening visiting and chatting. Have I mentioned before what awesome neighbors we have?

An absolutely fantastic, mostly idyllic Sunday. Yum.
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