champion of my dreams

“I found it at this little gifty antique store and it looked like you.”

Jess, dear one, had brought me this lovely gift to our lunch date Monday. It’s a huge, delightful embroidered book with thick gilded pages, velvet cover, tasseled bookmark. I love it; I almost want to take a bite out of it. In the store I would have admired something so decadent, but would never have bought it for myself. What a gift!

Now, the question is: what do I put in it? I know she meant it for my writing, but this book carries such weight, such luxury, it simply can’t be a practice book full of scribbles and crossing-outs. It deserves more. A fantasy, a delicious novel, some gorgeous lines of poetry. I want to write somewhere else and then copy in a finished product worthy of the accoutrements.

Any thoughts?

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0 thoughts on “champion of my dreams

  1. >Oh, this is just wonderful! I wish I had one like it. I would do just as you planned – write in another book and then hand copy the final version of whatever you write in the beautiful journal. Write and copy poems and quotations. Decorate the pages of your writing, perhaps, with drawings or collage. What a wonderful gift.I am tempted to try to make a journal cover after looking at this one. I don’t think I could do something as elegant, but I think I could pull something off. How is the cover attached to the journal? Slipped over it or somehow bound to it?Whatever you do, use that journal!

  2. >this is what I would do with it…i would make it a scrapbook of birthdays…just birthday…that is just a lovely book…maybe frame it in a shadow box with some writing items…kerith

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