>co-ed capers

>I have to say, I’m pretty impressed by the search items that lead people here… pumpkin donuts, strufoli, and ADPi. I’m going to be super user-friendly and oblige those of you searching for something that wasn’t quite here yet – namely, I will be posting my strufoli recipe this week (after I put in the hours of strufoli cutting to have a picture for you) AND I will now divulge what you’ve all been asking for…

OBIC means O** B**** i* C****** (In comments, I learned that this IS a secret…. sorry for the tease! 🙂 . I don’t think that’s one of the secrets (if it even is a secret) that could get me excommunicated or anything – once an ADPi, always an ADPi (which, for those of you non-Greeks who are thinking I can’t type, is shorthand for Alpha Delta Pi, the sorority I pledged in college). Now I’m thinking I’ll have to scan and upload some good sorority shots for you all later today. That should be some fun. I know people always wonder what goes on in sorority houses (underwear pillowfights? not so much)…

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of sorority secrets, I’m going to let you in on a little secret myself: all sorority and fraternity handshakes are the same. I mean, come on – how many discreet things can you do with your hands during a handshake? There are about three variations on the same thing. I have checked with other Greeks – it’s true. So maybe someone should come up with an awesome one or two and auction them off on eBay… I bet a few Grand Councils would jump to start the bidding.

Just for kicks, here’s my pledge class from spring of ’96… I’m the one with the really dark lipstick, standing next to the lion. I keep in touch with two of these girls, 12 years later.

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  1. >As a fellow ADPi, I just wanted to let you know that OBIC is a secret phrase and it would be excellent if you could delete that part of this story just so you aren’t divulging secrets! =)Pi love!

  2. >Yes, seriously, delete that OBIC comment. People may think it means "our bond is closest" or "our beer is coldest" or "our breasts increase constantly". Think of the ramifications if someone learns the secret. We could not charge for the right to associate.

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