conversations with preschoolers

A: You have chicken cocks. You don’t feel well.
E: I have what?
A: Chicken cocks.
E: Chicken pox?
A: Chicken pops.
E: Pox.
A: Cocks.
E: Pox.
A. Pops.
E: Chicken pox.
A: Yeah, you got ’em. You don’t feel well.


C: He made me hit him!
E: He might have made you mad, but you chose to hit him. And that’s not okay. We don’t hit other people.
C: But…but… I don’t really want them alive.

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  1. >Oh my word! these are classics!I hope the E with Chicken pox isn’t you!!And thanks for the comment at my place the other day. I’m doing OK, but your generous offer touched my heart.

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