coupon casting

One of the most endearing, and oddly nutty, things about my father:

He sends me coupons.


Every week, a bulging envelope arrives in my mailbox, full of everything from diaper coupons to “save $5 when you eat at Olive Garden.” Which we don’t. I used to find it rather worrisome, what coupons my dad sent – did he really think about whether I’d use one for KY Jelly before he put it in the envelope? Shudder. But now I realize that he simply sits, as he has done every Sunday morning since I’ve known him, at the kitchen table and methodically cuts every coupon out of the paper. He pulls out and files the ones he’ll use… and the rest are sent to me. Ensure, Southern Comfort, Similac, Alpo. I am 32, don’t generally buy hard alcohol, and have neither an infant nor a dog. Yet here they are.

Today’s batch, pictured above, cost 3 stamps and was nearly an inch thick. That teensy pile to the right? That’s the ones I’m keeping.

Shhhh. Don’t tell Dad.

I don’t know what I’d do if they stopped coming.

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0 thoughts on “coupon casting

  1. >I used to use coupons but somehow I don't anymore plus it's all cards & little tags now but I think your dad is sincere even if he doesn't quite know if you'll use the coupons

  2. >I love what you wrote about the KY one.Be sure to come get in on all the contests and rawings we have going on at the She Who Blogs anniversary celebrations. Lots of Amazon gift certificate sup for grabs. Hugs

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