>dewey, my new love

>I have a new prized possession – a drawer from an old library card catalog. I saw it at the Minneapolis Public Library bookshop today – for $3 – and couldn’t help but snap it up.

I’m not entirely certain why this relic (which my daughter will never quite comprehend) has endeared itself to me, wormed its little way into my heart so. Maybe it’s the memories of sifting through those cards, searching out a treasure to take home and devour. Maybe it’s the bibliophile in me, unable to make wholeheartedly the shift to a paperless way of life. Whatever it is, I want to hug this thing to my chest and sigh. Repeatedly.

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0 thoughts on “>dewey, my new love

  1. >I can understand this. As I was reading it, I could see myself going through an old card catalogue at the library as well. Technology is great, but it does cause some of these amazing memories to become extinct, doesn’t it?

  2. >Oooh, I know what you mean about the smell. It takes me right back to my elementary school library – I can see it in my mind exactly. Isn’t it amazing how that works?

  3. >Wait…did it have the cards too? That would be soooo cool…I used to work in the library in JR. High, and it was near impossible for people to figure out exactly how to use the card catalog…although, I think we lost something valuable when we all went computery…

  4. >I agree about having lost something with computers, much as I love them. I remember all of those serendipitous finds, while I was looking for something else. Heck, with the computer search functions I can’t even always find what I’m looking for.

  5. >chickenbells – nope, no cards, but I did pick out the one with a designation on it – Voltaire – Wagner. I should make up some old school cards for it – though right now it’s in use as a bit of an altar in my writer’s nook – I’ve got it lined with candles.gottagopractice – I am so with you! Trying to do research for a paper in grad school was torturous. I never did figure it all out.Kate – no, it’s not an official disorder yet. But I’m working on it.

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