>Duluth, baby

>As my dear fellow ex-San-Diegan friend Kelly once pointed out to me, if anyone had told me in my prior life as a Southern Californian that I would think going to Duluth was a big exciting vacation, I would’ve bust a gut. I also wouldn’t have known where on earth it was, other than someplace which warranted occasional mentions in country songs – which decisively meant it was not a place calling my name for visitation. However, I am at moment breathlessly awaiting the two hour drive to none other than Duluth which shall commence tomorrow morning. Why, you ask?

  1. It is not home. Thus, it is vacation by default.
  2. Lake Superior, which is as close to sating my ocean craving as is possible in these parts.
  3. Antiquing.
  4. No laundry or cooking will be done.
  5. Two words: Lee & Tiffany. Faboo peeps from both the prior life and the current – so they get the Southern-Californian parts of us, too. We can commiserate over lack of good Mexican, and what terrible drivers Minnesotans are. We can tell stories without having to give the whole back story of who each person is. We can call Cost Plus just that, rather than World Market. And now we can talk the wonderful world of kiddoes, as they are about to adopt.
  6. No work.
  7. The oh-so-fun brewery with live music and yummy food.
  8. What happens in Duluth stays in Duluth. Whatever that means.
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