finding beauty

I’ve been a touch reflective since returning home this week… partially jet-lag-induced slowness and partially reconciling where I’ve been, am, and am going. A lot to muddle through. Yet in the midst, I’ve seen such loveliness in odd places. Like the gorgeous little stars in the okra I chopped for gumbo tonight, and the lovely purple rain clouds that floated ominously by this afternoon. The joy of dropping off loads of clothes at the Goodwill and having a clean basement. The delighted sight of two little zucchinis on the plant I thought the dang squash vine borers had taken yet again.

The most beautiful, though, was on my first day home. A splendidly vibrant rainbow stretched over Minneapolis. Lovely enough on its own, but you see I have a special relationship with rainbows. As a child I learned that my name meant “God’s oath” and I quickly connected that with a cartoon of Noah’s ark I had seen. Noah had proclaimed the rainbow God’s oath to the people that he would never destroy them again… so if I was God’s oath, then I was a rainbow.

That image has stuck with me… rainbows show up when I need some affirmation of the path I’m on. When I decided to move home for a while after college, a rainbow appeared over Orange County as I drove there in the U-Haul. When my hubby and I began connecting in the courtyard where we worked, rainbows dipped down overhead. And on Tuesday, when I was questioning where I’m at in life, a rainbow appeared over Minneapolis, my home.

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  1. >I agree with the above comment! I second it exactly. Thank you.It’s easy to doubt these signs of God’s love, but He is that big and that concerned about every individual experiencing His love. Through rainbows, butterflies, cardinals, and okra…

  2. >God/Nature gives us beauty all around us…I’m happy to see that you know where to look and delight in it. Beautiful post. The only big rainbows I’ve ever seen were in Minnesota, now that I think about it. Hmmm…

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