>This weekend I have attended five art fairs. I’m a nut for them. And I must own that they’re one of my favorite things about Minneapolis, this lovely little city of mine. If you haven’t gathered, I love Minneapolis like kids love candy.

So, out of the five I went to, I have to say that the Powderhorn was the best (and not only because my friends Ben and Annie Mae were there)… but my favorite thing ever was at the kids’ wing of the Uptown Art Fair (meaning kids’ artwork, not kiddie stuff). You simply have to go check out Ethan’s siteI got one of these because they were just irresistible. Mine has different caps from raspberry soda, ginger ale, and other random drinks. It’s fabulous.. and it’s helping a cute little guy save for college. What could be better?

Did I mention I’m also a sucker for kids?

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