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>So, I’m completely taken with sognatrice’s blog, bleeding espresso, and am dying to try about oh, ALL of her recipes. Could help, of course, that I’m half Italian and could eat pasta everyday from now till eternity and be utterly blissed. But honestly, I’m ready to go home and get cooking – which isn’t too helpful at 7 in the morning.

Here is a foodie meme from one of her posts… I couldn’t resist.

1. Can you cook? If yes do you like to cook?
A hearty yes! to both.

2. When does your whole family come together to eat?
Growing up, the 6pm hour was sacred – friends knew not to call then or come by, because the Adams family would be EATING DINNER. Of course, if you were there before 6pm, you would be invited to stay and eat, because my mom was a true Italian in that she always cooked for an army and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to feed someone. As for my little nuclear family now… with Jeff’s and my opposing schedules we don’t eat together super often, and I usually am doing something else (cooking, canning, blogging) while Olive eats because it’s the one time she’s still and content to not have my undivided attention.

3. What do you have for breakfast?
I am not a huge breakfast fan. Generally I wait till at least 10am to eat anything, and then it’s just a cup of coffee, a yogurt and/or a banana. On weekends I like to make pancakes and such, but only after sleeping in (or making an early morning trip to the farmer’s market for fresh berries and other yummies to go with).

4. When, where and how do you eat through the week?
Breakfast (what there is of it) is at work. I generally skip lunch, too, and just snack with Olive throughout the day. Dinner is often close to 10 or 11pm as Jeff is getting home from work, and then we eat watching Seinfeld. I do miss those first few years of our marriage when we ate together every night at a normal hour! And at a dining table to boot!

5. How often do you eat out?
Not very often. Usually only when people come into town to visit – generally I’d rather cook. Home cooked food is always better! Unless it’s something I don’t yet know how to make, like Thai, really good Mexican, or sushi.

6. How often do you order in or get take out?
Not very often.

7. Re: 5 & 6 – if money were no object would like to do it more often?
Maybe… a one-night-a-week-out system would be nice. But mostly I’d shop at shishi stores and buy the best ingredients and kitchen gadgets I could find and just cook a whole lot more.

8. Are there any standards that make a regular appearance at your table?
Pasta & curry.

9. Have you ever tried a recipe from another blog?
Yes – I love to. I found a fabulous chocolate chip cookie recipe and one for a to-die-for blueberry butter. To be honest, I’m not the best at “American” cooking (meatloaf, mac ‘n cheese, burgers, fried chicken) so those are the recipes I have to go hunting for.

10. Are there any quarrels because of food?
Nope – other than every once in a while Jeff gets on me about making too many different recipes – he wants things he really liked to show up more often. But what can I say? I love to try new things, and I very seldom make meals that bomb (to me, this is the mark of a good cook – being able to pick out good recipes and then make them your own).

11. Are you a vegetarian or could you imagine living as a vegetarian?
I could imagine it… but there are things like carbonara and sausage and peppers that I would just yearn for. And at other people’s houses I just always eat what’s put in front of me (unless my hubby rats me out as not liking it), so I would have to make exceptions.

12. What would you like to try out that you haven’t dared yet?
I really can’t think of anything – other than, as I’ve admitted before, the deep-fried candy bar at the Minnesota State Fair. It’s embarrassing to write, but it’s true. Curiosity is killing me.

13. Would you rather cook or bake?
Cook. I love the results of baking, but I don’t enjoy the process as much – it’s too precise. Unless it’s baking pasta, like lasagna or manicotti.

14. What was the most terrible mess you’ve ever made in the kitchen?
This depends on what you mean – messiness happens all the time because my kitchen is the size of an Altoids box and I have a one year old. In terms of cooking disasters, I’d have to say the pumpkin pie debacle of 2003 – I used the wrong sized can of pumpkin so it was tasteless and mushy. This was at a Thanksgiving celebration where people had been beforehand raving about my cooking. See what I mean about “American” food?

15. What do your kids like to eat best? What would your kids never eat?
Olive eats everything. It’s fabulous. She loves pasta (that’s my girl!!) and all other carbs, bananas, and all things spicy. When we were home visiting SoCal, she ate salsa by the spoonful.

16. What do you dislike most?
I worked for a dear pastor in San Diego who invited me over one night for dinner with some visiting missionaries. His darling wife had cooked all these lovely things – and it was a nightmare. It was like she has reached in my head and pulled out the list of all my least favorite foods ever and then cooked each and every one. Pork chops. Cranberry salad. Scalloped potatoes. Cabbage. Of course I ate it all, anyway – even had seconds when offered- and pretended in every way that I was enjoying it. Then time for dessert came and I thought Hooray! There is nothing I don’t like on dessert menus! WRONG! She brought out pecan pie, which I simply cannot stomach.

But I ate a piece, anyway.

In all honestly, though, I can’t think of much I don’t like. Mostly because if there’s something I think I don’t like, I keep trying it cooked different ways to see if there’s one I do find tasty. Or to train myself to like it. Recently I’ve learned to like walnuts, and oranges are getting to be not so bad. Jeff always says there isn’t anything I really dislike…I just pretend periodically to seem more interesting.

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  1. >Hey there! I came over here from NaBloPoMo, and I see you’ve already “met” me…hee hee….Wasn’t this a fun meme? I love your answer that included “I very seldom make meals that bomb (to me, this is the mark of a good cook – being able to pick out good recipes and then make them your own).” Completely agree…and brava! 🙂

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