Inspired by the Twin Cities Metro magazine, here are my top 13 (why stop at ten???) favorite foods around the Twin Cities.

1. The london broil sarnie (with an old speckled hen) at Brit’s Pub
2. Sonny’s olive oil ice cream at Crema Cafe
3. Smoked salmon spread on flatbread and the BBQ chicken and jack cheese sandwich at Famous Dave’s
4. Oatmeal with fruit (or just about anything) at French Meadow Bakery
5. Risotto (autumn especially – with yams, swiss chard, roma tomatoes and mushrooms) followed by cheesecake at Good Earth
6. The prosciutto and St Andre cheese with greens sandwich at Lucia’s Bakery (plus any pastry they make!)
7. Quiche (any kind) at the Turtle Bread Company
8. Sangria at El Meson
9. A cheese filled bratwurst hot off the grill at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market
10. The curry turkey burger with sweet potato fries at Highland Grill
11. Scrambled eggs, pancakes and bacon at Our Kitchen
12. Vanilla brandy gelato at Fat Lorenzo’s
13. Sesame-crusted seared ahi and maple glazed carrots at Twin Cities Grill

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