>Thrift stores give me the heebie-jeebies. Walking into a room full of stuff that god-knows-what happened to and in just makes me have to do a little get-it-off-of-me dance. The places always smell musty, have little to no ventilation or windows, and give me the sense that I’m going to start growing mildew any second. Now I know there are treasures to be found and I know people who have absolutely fabulous style which they bring to fruition based on entirely vintage finds… I just can’t do it myself. That said, after racking my brain all day to be certain I had the correct number on this one (there may still be something from a sorority/fraternity exchange that I’ve overlooked or purposely forgotten over the years), I have purchased only four things at thrift stores in my life:

  1. A chair to help furnish my apartment when I was living by myself. It cost $14 and I bought it at the Salvation Army, recovering the upholstery and thoroughly cleansing the wood. I still could never sit in it.
  2. A costume for my 7th grade drama production. I don’t remember what the play was called, but my character was Miss Truebeauty, a beautiful (betcha didn’t see that one coming) but totally nutty woman. Her personality was sort of like how Emma Thompson played Professor Trelawny in the Harry Potter films. I wore some crazy scarf and a dress in odd, bright patterns that looked mildly hippie.
  3. For a 70’s themed skating night, a one piece pantsuit that made a kid at the skate place say I looked like a banana. Yes, it was yellow and brown in the way that only 70’s clothes can be, with collar points that reached past the ends of my shoulders and a zipper up the front. And of course, it was polyester.
  4. A Donna Reed-esque 50’s style skirt, all full and with a teensy tiny waist that I wore for a few dress events in college, until I popped the seam on the waist bending over.

All have been destroyed.

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