>Fourteen: The number of bell peppers absconded with before I determined that squirrels are of the devil.

Seriously – it started months ago. I had a purple and an orange bell pepper both just shy of ripe (my first!) and I was SO EXCITED… until one morning they were in the middle of the cement in our backyard, a few mini bites taken out and then just left. As if to taunt me. I mean come on – if the little guy ate them, maybe I wouldn’t feel bad about it. But if it’s not even going to provide a meal…

And yesterday the little boogers – who knock over my garden gnome daily – had just taken off one whole branch of the red pepper plant, along with nearly every pepper – from quarter sized to full-grown.

It’s on.

I’ve tried cayenne, moth balls, two types of rodent repellent spray… Now I am ready for the big guns… or, in this case, the BB gun.

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