>from the land of upset tummies…

>Following finslippy‘s lead, here I go:

  • There is no reason to run 26.2 miles. We’re the head of the food chain, people – we’re not supposed to have to run like that.
  • Bed is the happiest place ever.
  • All things pumpkin are fabulous – they should be trotted out much more often than just in the autumn. This is why they CAN it.
  • Don’t save your fine china for special occasions. Use it all the time.
  • Fresh flowers need no excuse to be bought.
  • Keep the bathroom clean; you never know when you’ll be praying to the porcelain god.
  • Dress up for nights out, church, funerals, the symphony… the world has gotten too casual. Besides, it’s fun to spruce up once in a while.

Forgive these thoughtless posts… our family has some sort of bug that’s got all our tumbles a’rumbling. I don’t want to cheat on NaBloPoMo, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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  1. >Hope the tummies are better.The post is fine, and makes several good points.I especially liked the one about the good china.Sending healing vibes your way,Frances

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