>how do you be miserable in public?

When you’ve been up crying half the night and there’s absolutely no way to hide the puffy, red, mole-sized eyes smack in the middle of your face, people can:
A. Politely pretend not to notice.
B. Give a look of concern and a pause, then move on.
C. Ask if you have allergies.
D. Ask if you’ve been crying.
E. Ask if everything’s all right.
F. Give you a hug.
G. Pause awkwardly and stare.
H. Ask if there’s anything they can do.
I. Two or more of the above.
J. None of the above.

And you can then:
A. Smile and pretend nothing’s wrong.
B. Say “it was a rough night.” and move on.
C. Nod politely even though no, it isn’t really allergies, but you don’t feel like talking.
D. Have a few tears slide down your cheeks.
E. Tell them a two-sentence Cliff note version of how screwed up you feel.
F. Sob.
G. Sob and tell them that you’re in serious job crisis, you feel like you can’t do anything right, you’re fighting with your husband, your daughter’s been super cranky, your f-o-o issues are backing up on you, you got less than 3 hours of sleep last night, and you just got your period.

Or you can write a blog post about it.

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  1. >Oh crud! I’m so sorry…I am sending you huge hugs over the wires…life is sometimes overwhelming, and lately it seems to have been that way for so many of us…My back has felt like it is on fire lately…and there are about a million and one things to do…still…ugh. I think we need a vacation! And an instruction book…

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