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>My newest Twin Cities find… hunt & gather. I know what I said about vintage shops (sorry, sadira!) but this place is turning me around. It’s fun, it’s kitschy, the prices are reasonable and for the first time in my life I understand what people get at antique shops.

My favorite finds are:

  1. This typewriter key jewelry: I’m dying to get one of these necklaces with an E on it.
  2. These change purses. I had been on a mission to find something to hold my business cards, and here’s what I found:I also could not resist getting this one, which is on its way to katie who will appreciate the caustic wit. Don’t you just love how they’re looking at him all dreamy-eyed??
  3. A framed lithograph of a French calligraphy alphabet. The writer and bibliophile in me just sang when I saw it.
  4. A jar of old buttons.
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0 thoughts on “>hunt & gather

  1. >Those are some FABULOUS finds. I’m quite enamored by the Jesus purse. I have a typewriter with keys like that. I keep debating ripping the keys off to make jewelry but I haven’t quite been able to make myself do it… yet.

  2. >Oh those are wonderful! I totally get what you said about thrift stores…I tend to get freaky when I go to yard sales held in peoples homes and are really dusty or messy (then again, I’m looking around here, ahem) but, my store is generally pretty clean, and I burn lots of incense and essential oils to make sure that it doesn’t get that musty smell…and it’s airy and clean…and there are tons of fun treasures there!

  3. >Love these, especially the typewriter necklace and the Jesus Saves change/business card purse. Too funny!I love antique stores/flea markets for just this kind of stuff.And now you have me kicking myself that I didn’t claim my grandmother’s old tins of buttons…I’ll have to ask my dad if he kept them by chance. I used to play with them all the time as a kid. Why I didn’t think to take them is beyond me….

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