>it’s hard to have a crisis in autumn

>The weight and intensity of the summer swelter has finally gone, leaving open air and singing trees in their wake. With the wind picking up leaves like so many bubbles and tossing them effortlessly it seems as though anything is possible. The abundance of tomatoes, apples, pumpkins, squash give the impression nothing could be lacking. Hot chocolate calls, cider warms hearts, and beloved scarves and hats come crawling out of their hibernation. It’s lovely, delicious, invigorating. Walking outside, I feel my heart and the corners of my mouth lift, my shoulders relax, my soul quiet.

And then I remember the professional crisis.


But at least I have those sumptuous moments of forgetting.

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  1. >cool blog – you ARE a creative writer – i am also thinkin’ the etc. in your blog title should include “culinarian” based upon my memory – and by the by, have you ever seen the movie “tortilla soup?”-sjm

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