it’s one of two things


  1. there is a repellent forcefield around my home or
  2. the universe would like me to keep a cleaner house.

This is all I can figure. What else would cause the last 5 people scheduled to come over to cancel? All for very good, healthy reasons – sick kids, car troubles, exhaustion, etc – but still, it’s starting to give me a complex. As J says, it gets the house very clean (all those things I always mean to do but don’t quite get to happen right before company comes – like, say, making the beds) and it provides baked goods for us which only our waistlines object to (although Heather, you dodged a bullet – I used a mix for a coffee cake yesterday and it did not come out well).

So, I’m going to test the theory and attempt to keep the house cleaner as a rule, and see if it keeps happening. In which case I can only say… if I invite you over, beware. Chaos may ensue.

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0 thoughts on “it’s one of two things

  1. >I’m pretty sure it’s not #1… I had a glorious time at your house the other evening!Plus, I completely subscribe to theory #2 and the whole “company’s coming so let’s clean the house” method of good housekeeping.Hope you’re staying WARM!

  2. >Oh lady! It’s really just you, I can’t stand you! HAAAA, kidding of course. I probably would have liked the crappy cake. P.S. I’m still exhausted and the kiddo is still sickish. blech. sigh. pity party. I’ll be fine…

  3. >Just watch out for those harmful chemicals while cleaning – they are everywhere – especially in the cleaning products used in schools. The Center for Health, Environment, and Justice is hosting a national day of action Friday, February 13 2009 to raise awareness of the importance of green cleaning in schools. Check out the site to learn more as well as the many initiatives under the Child Proofing Our Communities.

  4. >Thanks for the warning – I’m pretty careful about only using simple cleaners (vinegar and baking soda and castille soap, mostly) but as I do work in a school I know what you mean.

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