love bugs

The air would swirl with them – when I gave in to the thick Texas air and cracked the schoolbus window I would be crawling with them in short order. The grates and hoods of cars were black with them, shoe soles caked with their cracked open bodies. I marveled at the thin black bugs, all wing, with a tiny red head at either end; in my innocence the name “love bug” never connected with why an insect might be two-headed. I thought God must have made a mistake. Because, after all, He does do that from time to time – let’s be honest.

But no, these were pairs, “loving” without ceasing through their tiny little lifespan. The first breath of spring brought them out, set their frenzy in motion, and they spent the short burst of life taking over the world with over-the-top love. They burned brightly, fully, and were gone, leaving us humans to pick up the debris.

With springtime finally dawning, I want to start a little exuberant frenzy of my own.

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