love on yourself a little

In light of this post and my realization that I am all too rough with myself, I’ve been trying to take good care of my soul these past few days… and all I can say is MAN, does it feel good! Simple little things somehow make such a big difference. And I thought I’d share some with you so that you can enjoy them and give yourself a little love, too.

  • sip a cup of tea or a nice warm latte
  • purchase (or pick, if you live somewhere other than here) some fresh flowers for your home
  • relax with a good movie… I just watched the Secret Life of Bees, and it was very, very good
  • get lost in a good book… I’ve been on a “reliving my childhood” kick, so it’s been Anne of Green Gables, the Secret Garden, and Little Women
  • indulge in a treat… chocolate, a cupcake, something small and decadent
  • soak in a nice warm bath
  • cuddle – with a loved one, a kiddo, a kitty, a dog, a pillow, a puffy blanket – or all of the above
  • drink a nice big glass of water
  • take a nap in the sunshine
  • write a letter on pretty stationery
  • call up a dear friend just to chat
  • burn a candle or bake some cookies and make your house smell heavenly
  • sketch
  • journal
  • go for a walk
  • sing
  • lose yourself in a hobby (I’ve been knitting for hours on end)
  • plan your garden – or work in it, if you’re able
  • make yourself something delicious to eat (fettuccine alfredo? green curry? a baguette with sweet butter? carne asada?)
  • buy yourself a little treat… a new pen, a candle, a houseplant, some good coffee – just something small that will bring you some joy

Have anything to add? Let me know in a comment – I’d love to hear it!

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0 thoughts on “love on yourself a little

  1. >If you have a 4 year old, just make them giggle, it’s contagious. My husband and I watched videos of our son, born the day after Christmas just this past year and we just sat here and laughed our fool heads off. 🙂 I found you from Style Substance Soul, I am on there too, I’ll keep track of your blog.

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  3. >great list…..we can go through it whenever we are down….we’ll find something or the other to do ……..being contented in what you do is more important i believe.n it is contagious too , i am witnessing it.

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