>Mishaps to Magic

>So, this has been one of the longest weeks of my life. Last week my doctor affirmed that I have postpartum depression and started me on some antidepressants which were about the worst thing I’ve ever encountered. So now I’m on to another one, hoping this one doesn’t make me want to kill myself… but that’s not what this post is about. Still waiting for the magic there.

The mishaps started yesterday… Leaving for work, I found my car unlocked (!) and got in to find the glove compartment open and the stereo faceplate opened… and then noticed that my window was barely hanging on, jutting a good three inches from the door frame. But absolutely nothing was taken, save the quarters from my emergency meter supply – about $1.50.

The second mishap…. making a Thai soup for dinner last night, I found one of my cans of coconut milk had gone bad so I made a quick run, mid-cooking, to the market to grab another. The snowy one-way street was tight with cars parked on both sides, and suddenly there was a crack and a screech… a parked car on my right had opened their door right into me as I drove by. When I called my insurance company for the second time the agent said, “you already have a claim made today – are you sure you’re not duplicating?” “Yup,” I told him, “that was for my car getting broken into last night. This one is for the accident.”
“Wow… rough day, huh?”

BUT here’s the magic. My window was replaced for free by 2pm yesterday. It’s gorgeous. And since nothing was taken, that’s settled.

And Progressive called this morning, saying that they are taking responsibility for the accident and are fixing it this week – giving me a rental, too – and here’s the kicker: the damage was exactly on the spaces where there was some minor damage when we got the car, plus the bumper, scratched from a previous fender bender (again not my fault). J and I have debated spending the dough to get it fixed, but always found other ways to spend our money… so now my car will be perfect for only the inconvenience of being hit by a door and a number of calls to insurance agents.

Life is funny sometimes.

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