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I hate to be one in a line of those who rhapsodize about spring… but damn, nothing beats the smell of lilacs wafting through our living room windows. Jeff once wrote of me as a splash of color and while I always loved the imagery, I understand it in a totally new way this spring. Driving through a country road in Minnetonka last week, I saw the very first tulips of the season – crimson and the yellow of sunshine – and it sent shivers down my spine, a jolt of electricity through me, made me feel deliriously alive. That may be the most fabulous compliment I’ve ever been paid.

But on to the subject at hand: new digs. Those are actually my gloves, after a hard afternoon of pulling up weeds and rocks from my little 6×15 foot garden patch. I’ve been reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and when I read an article in the Star Tribune about restaurants going green and buying only local AND realized there was a garden co-op that sells hierloom vegetable starts, compost, etc within four blocks of my home, I knew it was kismet, destiny, providence. Our condo association has pondered the idea of turning our weed breeding ground into a garden for months; I am now the woman for the job. Here’s what it looks like as of today:
So okay, not much yet. But I will finish weeding tomorrow and then dig up the whole area, dig it up again a day or so later, and then go get my plants and compost and start the garden o’ dreams. All to say, here is the plan for my summer (also known as the last few months before I turn 30), along with updates on what I said I wanted to accomplish by then:

  1. Plant my garden with four varieties of tomatoes (red, green, yellow and purple), red and purple bell peppers, tomatillos, lettuce, chard, kale, rhubarb, chives, cilantro, basil, parsley, zucchini, onions and possibly black watermelon. All things which are planted must be heirloom – no genetically engineered or selectively mated plants so the veggies are perfect looking but taste like crap.
  2. Make cheese. Mozzarella, ricotta and cheddar, minimum.
  3. Put up my own preserves. I’m thinking blueberry peach and rhubarb, but possibly more kinds, too.
  4. Bake bread at least once successfully. I attempted this three Christmases ago and while the bread tasted okay, it was the consistency of a rock; it never rose. Detail I’d like to work on.
  5. Get our composter up and running in the backyard.
  6. Become a member of the garden co-op, Urban Earth.
  7. Again, submit something for publication. I’ve been working on this.
  8. Help Jeffery get our bathroom redone and our bedroom painted – both Tiffany blue, of course.
  9. Find some matching mommy-daughter outfits, particularly for gardening. That’s just too cheesy and fun to pass up. Gloves and hats must be part of it.
  10. Blog 2 times per week. I seriously need the writing practice.
  11. Take Jeff and Olive to NY in August.
  12. Go lawnbowling at Brit’s Pub.
  13. Visit the MIA and Walker Art Center. Take cherry spoon picture.
  14. Get scrapbook up-to-date.

I think that covers it. To rehash the ones that didn’t make it here from the earlier list… I actually found a pretty good pair of jeans, a size smaller than I anticipated. This was a minor miracle. Olive and I have blown bubbles, and she loves when I blow dandelion puffs. I’m not going to touch the brandy one… I don’t think a girls’ weekend is going to work, though O and I may fly out to Fresno to visit my dear friend Cindi, which I guess would count… I’m leaving the knitting for winter when I can’t be outdoors… I’ve given up hope on the Chinese front… I know I will never get through all the thank you notes because I am the worst thank you note writer of all time, so I am releasing myself from that debt and starting fresh as a good thank you note writer from this moment into the future… I love Crema Cafe and it is becoming a home of sorts… I made strufolis… and I have a few girlfriends here whom I love and I think love me. If they don’t yet, they at least tolerate me for solid amounts of time on a regular basis, and that works well enough for me now.

Whew… long post. But I suppose these things happen when you don’t post for aeons.

Anyway, last but not least – the latest of my munchkin:

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