>nine months!

>My ninth month… can you believe it?!? I could seriously go into labor any time now, which is exciting and totally freaky. I’m trying to pack up a hospital bag and get the baby room set up for any unexpected appearances…

And here I am, taking pictures of myself in the mirror. My humongoid belly somehow fit into this cute little red dress that I absolutely adore and think I might live in until the Bun shows up.

I am also wearing my Superhero necklace, which 1) I have not taken off in the three days I’ve owned it and 2)makes me utterly happy. It’s turquoise and lime green and, as Andrea says, it will:

protect you from harm
attract people to you
and create magic in your life

I just hope this means it can keep me able to get out of bed on my own at night – and maybe somehow get me through labor. That’d be pretty good.

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