>Not being the outdoorsy type (this runs in my family), I have been on one family camping trip… of sorts. The summer of 2001 my brothers, sister and I agreed to go on a family whitewater rafting trip… but were surprised when we got there to discover my dad’s girlfriend (who we’d barely met) AND her two kids were along. I will leave much of what followed unsaid, but I think you can gather that this was not the most comfortable arrangement ever cooked up. Add to this that Dad thought my sister and I needed to be in the raft with the adults for “safety’s sake” (I was 24) while my brothers got to go with other fun young people AND the fact that I had a sudden realization on this trip that I desperately needed to break up with my boyfriend of a year and a half (who was planning to marry me and who I let myself passively continue to see, though I’d known the whole relationship was a stupid idea before our first date), and it all adds up to be a knee-slappin’ good time. I did enjoy the actual rafting part of the trip and would do it again.. just maybe not with my family.

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