option overload

Stress can kill you. We’ve all read how stress is a risk factor for every malady under the sun and while I’m sure we’re all enjoying our yoga, red wine and long hot soaks in the tub (at least I know I am) there is still so much more to deal with. Wouldn’t it be easier to staunch it at the starting point – before the stress emerges?

Which is why I shake my fist at food companies and supermarkets. Truly, do we need an entire aisle of cold breakfast cereal? It takes forever to wade through even if you know what you’re looking for – and Lord help you if you don’t. Organic or not? Healthy or sugar laden? With tiny freeze dried excuses for marshmallows or not? Reduced sugar, gluten free, with fiber twigs? Flakes, O’s, puffed? Blueberry, cranberry, banana, honey & nut, yogurt covered, apple cinnamon or plain? And then once you’ve finally decided there comes another last hurdle – generic or name brand? This is a vital question. Generic honey nut Cheerios suck; store brand Chex are A-okay. And if you make it home after making all those decisions and you don’t like it? Dare I say… stress?

Don’t get me started on salad dressing, soda, sandwich bread, or – worst of all – Starbucks. Never mind, I’m started. Half caf, decaf or full? Skim, whole, nonfat or soy? Tall, grande, or venti (and why can’t we just say small, medium or large)? With foam or without? Vanilla, hazelnut, carmel, white chocolate or some other? Sugar free or regular? With room or no? Coffee, cappuccino, espresso, latte, macchiato, or americano? And all this is AFTER you’ve already decided you want coffee, as opposed to tea or tea lattes or smoothies or hot chocolate or whatever other thing they’re currently pushing.

I can feel my shoulders tensing as I type.

It’s exhausting. One teensy tiny trip to SuperTarget (which, of course, has a Starbucks inside) can take absolutely forever, never mind that the operator on the red help phone line won’t even know what capers ARE, much less where to find them. Not that I’m bitter.

So, in trying to dam the river of my rapidly diminishing sanity… I’m going to the co-op where options are more limited (though who knows if they’ll have capers, either). Follow me or no but PLEASE for the love of God, people, quit buying fruity Cheerios and just get Fruit Loops – IT’S THE SAME THING.

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