pinups ‘n panthers

Here it is, folks, in honor of Katie‘s birthday, my first embroidery project ever… Pinups ‘n Panthers. I found the pattern at the world’s greatest craft store, Crafty Planet, and, well – who doesn’t want naked women on their pillow?

That’s what I thought.

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0 thoughts on “pinups ‘n panthers

  1. >Miss Eliza,If you know Crafty Planet, we are likely NEIGHBORS. I’m within a healthy walk of the place.Coffee at Audubon coffee some day??

  2. >Ack, I leave comments and they disappear.What I was saying was I have done lots of embroidery in my life, learned how to do it at my mother’s side, and what you have here is …not my mother’s embroidery.Love it. keep on!

  3. >i’m so, so glad you all like these (kate in particular) – this reminds me why i like you all. there were a few people who thought i was crazy or inappropriate and i thought – how are we friends? you should know this is freakin’ awesome!!

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