please? someday? soon?

Please, little one, will you come out so we can finally meet face to face instead of inside to inside? So I can know what you feel like in my arms instead of just my belly (and ribcage and pelvis and hip bones…)?  So your big sister can see if you look like her, if you have that special little toe like she does? So your daddy can have his full passel of girls?

Please, sweet baby, will you bravely enter this world? Not just for the first time, but every time – each day when you open your eyes, when you encounter a new person, new experience, new piece of this glorious (and often heartwrenching) thing we call life? Will you love with your whole heart, and cry lustily, and be who you truly are – in each and every moment, from the very first onward?


Please, sweet girl, come out and experience our love – accept it, rely on it, learn to live and walk in it and even return it someday. We are so very excited to meet you, to hold you, to show you what you mean to us. Come out, please. Come let us love you.




***photos courtesy of my darling friend Jen Olson, aka coconutbelly. Check out her amazing photo skills here and her equally lovely writing here. She’s an amazing treasure, that one. Thanks for the gorgeous shots, love!

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6 thoughts on “please? someday? soon?

  1. What a great post. The photos are fantastic as well as your writing style. Hopefully Lila won’t keep you waiting for much longer.

    • Your gift is the ability not just to capture it, but to bring out the loveliness in people. And it truly is a gift.

  2. I am so looking forward to meeting your new daughter, to tickling her belly and toes, pressing her tiny head to my nose, to helping share life with her, and with you and Olive. I’m so excited for you!

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