I don’t understand people who can feel crummy and still be Little-Miss-Sunshine.  I woke up today (around 3am) with a sore throat and a stuffed up nose and feeling absolutely, disconsolately stinky…. and I must say that in this state it’s very hard to be warm, cheerful, or even sometimes just civil.  Maybe I just have no reserve built up like other people do, where I’ve been stuffing extra sunshine when nobody’s looking (for just such an occasion), but I find it nearly impossible to be a human being when I’m sick.  I want to crawl up into the fetal position and turn all the lights off, and keep a big pokey stick next to me to jab at anyone who ventures near to my solace.  I keep seeing Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail,” all confused and adorable as she’s blowing her nose on fifteen bazillion tissues and ranting in her cute-as-a-button way and I think, “Are you kidding me?!?”  Nobody is that cute when they’re sick.  Especially not if they’re in the fetal position with a big pokey stick.

** a repost from April 2006 that kept ringing in my ears today… boy, I really don’t change! 🙂

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