the couch conundrum

Here is our new-to-us sofa:

Pretty hideous, yes? I’ve always thought so. I met this couch on the porch of my in-laws’ house, where it resided after its original owners (my hubby’s grandparents) passed away. The first time I laid eyes on it I cringed and quickly deemed it one of the most dreadful things I’d ever seen.

Over time, I started to think that maybe, just maybe, it was kitschy and awful enough to be cute.

I got over it.

And yet, we loved the provenance of it, and the shape – the cute little side pillows and the puff of cushion at the top. It’s a solid, sturdy, expensive sofa that will be beautiful when it’s reupholstered.

If and when we can ever afford that.

Till then, what am I to do?

Slipcovering just turns it into a big, brown dumpy thing, devoid of all the charm we love – the cute cushions and buttons. But…

Can I really live with this scene?

What would you do?

**here’s a close-up of the pattern, for your viewing pleasure. Yes, it’s a Currier and Ives type print of horsedrawn carriages and little brick church steeples. Ugh.
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0 thoughts on “the couch conundrum

  1. >Our local community college offers upholstery classes as part of their "life enrichment" program. You might try that. Also, if that were my couch, I might try covering it in pieces so that I don't have to sew…one big piece for top and back, one to cover the seat cushions, and one for each armrest. If you use those spiral upholstery tacks or a needle and sturdy thread, whatever you do can be fairly readily undone when you'd like to do something more permanent. I can easily see using denim, with some great fun fabric used on the little side pillows. Good luck. Btw: if you search online for easy reupholstery techniques, you'll find lots of great help out there. Remodelaholic has done some, and One Pretty Thing does a revamp roundup that should give you some ideas.

  2. >are you able to mend the slipcover so it's more fitting? what about adding a few throw pillows — mix prints & solids. and then add a fun blanket. i think the key is to keep the couch looking usable and pretty and fun and comfortable all at the same time :]

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