the joys of anonymity…

>These are the days I wish that no one who read my blog knew who I was (but then, no one would be reading it, so…. moot point, I guess). I have so many stories to share – about people in my life, about where I work, about attempting to temp in the gap time of summer – but I can’t, because it could hurt people’s feelings, endanger my job, yada yada yada. So I toy with the idea of starting another, anonymous blog where I could post these things. But then I remember that 1) no one would be reading it and 2) I’d want to share it so bad that I’d end up telling everyone about it, anyway.

Darn it.

But mark my words, I’m saving these stories up and they will return – vaguely disguised in fictional accounts.

Or I’ll just write about them when the people in them die.

Whatever works out first.

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0 thoughts on “the joys of anonymity…

  1. >I just had a chance to go back and read a bunch of your stuff. I chose “musings” and enjoyed every moment. One thing I love about blog world is how you can feel connected and understood by reading something you feel could have come straight from your own keyboard. So much fun. Oh, and the email I sent about ads-scrap that- I figured it out and am no longer paranoid!

  2. >Hey there! The NE parade starts at 6:30. The route starts at 28th and Central and goes south to 18th. If you park in my driveway, we’re just a few blocks away from Central and an easy walk for Olive. Probably best to come up Johnson street.I’ve lost your email addy so send me one and I’ll give you my address. We can meet at my alley between 6 and 6:30? If you have a wagon we can bring a picnic supper down to the avenue too.

  3. >I hear you on this loud and clear. I have the same debate with myself all the time. Just recently I found out someone I know reads my blog (because I’ve never kept it a secret) and then someone else asked for my link…and I’m still debating whether or not to send it to them…I want them to read it, but then I have to hold back sometimes. It’s that double edged sword, ain’t it?

  4. >heather – thanks so much for the kind words. That means a lot! And I know so much what you mean – that sense of being so understood and so much like everyone else is just amazing. I think it’s what keeps me blogging.Not – can’t wait for tonight! It’ll be so good to see you and I know Olive is going to have a blast.karina – and how! I am terrible at self-editing, censoring myself. I actually got reprimanded by my boss at my last job for writing about wine on occasion, because we weren’t supposed to drink while employed there. It was nuts – and it made me very frustrated and angry. It’s such a fine line to walk, isn’t it?

  5. >I think you should start the blog – just visit other blogs and comment under your new identity and they will begin to visit you too.Squelching a blog is like squelching a belch – it’ll begin to hurt ya.Much bloglove,Frances

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