the latest O photo shoot

Watching for spring out the newly opened window

Our last ECFE class of the season, celebrated by the blowing of bubbles

The carousel at the new MOA park, Nickelodeon Universe
(where oh where art thou, Snoopy?? We miss you!)
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0 thoughts on “the latest O photo shoot

  1. >She’s beautiful. I haven’t been around much, but I’m slowly crawling out from under….”hi!” Have a great Holy Week and Easter!

  2. >Great photos of an adorable girl. I like the top photo best too because I can remember the coziness and excitment of moments like that. The picture really captures that feeling.Do people call the Mall “MOA”? I didn’t know that. I used to call the Minneapolis Art Institutue “MIA” and my mom would cringe. I forgot about that until just now.I haven’t been making the blog rounds as usual, but I’m hoping I have more time to do that. I like checking in on you.

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