>The Method to the Madness

>Well, folks, as I enter the month in which I will turn thirty (dun dun dunnnnnnn) I have decided to embark on a new phase of blogging. As I would like to post more often, and as I’m certain you’re all waiting with breathless anticipation to learn more about this woman with the garden gnomes, I have decided that each day for the month of August I will post something about myself – something which somehow correlates to the date. So, for the 4th, I could post about something that happened when I was four, or in the fourth grade, or something I’ve done four times, or for four years – that I am one of four kids or have been married for four years. You get it, right? So this way we can all get a little better acquainted, and I’ll have some serious accountability for posting. The one caveat, though, is that I’ll be home in SoCal from the 24th till Olive’s first birthday on the 1st – so I’ll probably write those ahead of time and see what I can do about getting them posted on the correct dates. Internet availability at my parents’ places is a little sketch.

And as we head into the birthday season and you’re all wondering what you should do, the answer is simply this – READ MY BLOG. Maybe even post a comment or two. Tell a friend (or five, or ten) to read my blog. Honestly, that is all I want out of life at this moment – except, perhaps, for a chest freezer to hold all the excess zucchini and eggplant from my garden. But those are kinda pricey to ship.

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