>There are certain people you just keep coming back to

>Those words from the beginning of a Fray song have been sticking with me lately (so maybe the Fray qualifies!)… I think of high school boyfriends I had trouble quitting once and for all, of friends that I connect with once in a blue moon but carry close to my heart always, of people I knew in elementary school who always come to mind with certain triggers, of the comfort of turning on a Drew Barrymore flick and knowing I’ll laugh, of old tapes and records (Annie, anyone?) that always soften my soul.

There is a level of guilt in even writing this, however, as I have been the worst possible sort of correspondent lately. I think since Olive was born I have returned precisely two phone calls. But the people I keep coming back to by now, I’m sure, expect me to come boomeranging around again. Sometime. Hopefully soon.

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