>Things on my Radar Today…


  • Really ought to read The Feminine Mystique. Particularly if I want to continue calling myself a feminist.
  • Every bit of homework is done and every page read. I am so darn proud of myself.
  • There are about fifteen gazillion thank you notes that I have yet to write. I blame much of it on said homework, as I have actually been in the mood to write thank you notes this weekend. I’ve been composing them in my head when my mind wanders from family theories.
  • If I had my druthers (aha! another word that should be used much more often) I would be a stay at home mom and just keep moving full speed ahead with grad school. And I’d write a lot more. So if anyone would like to bankroll that option, please let me know – it could be like Mozart and Shakespeare all those great artists who had patrons. I’ll give you free therapy as soon as I learn how. And mediocre blogs in the meantime.
  • Pulled a square out of my bag o’ creativity today (looking for blog ideas, to be completely honest) and it told me to collect things I find on the street this week in a little envelope. Expect pictures and posts to follow.
  • As of today at 11:08pm, I have seen every episode of Arrested Development.
  • Must register for class for winter quarter. And email prof about Olive sitting in.
  • Not sure lately if I really am a Christian, or even want to be. What does that title mean?
  • Find more lentil recipes. Lentils are YUMMY.
  • Find drycleaner to take winter coat to before it must be worn daily.
  • Finished my book club selection for this month…How to be Good. Didn’t like it. Two thumbs down.
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