>Things to do Before I Turn 30


…which is in 9 months.

  • Submit something I’ve written for publication (no matter the outcome)
  • Find a pair of jeans that really fits
  • Sit at the park and blow bubbles with Olive (many many times)
  • Figure out what you do with brandy to make it so good that Wisconsinites drink it like water
  • Get away for a girls weekend
  • Finish the afghan I started four years ago and the pair of socks I started knitting while pregnant
  • Learn to be a little less hard on myself
  • Find some good Chinese takeout in the Twin Cities
  • Finally paint our bedroom Tiffany blue
  • Wear matching mommy-daughter outfits, just for the sheer cheesiness of it.
  • Find a favorite table at a favorite coffee shop that becomes home
  • Finish all the thank you cards for Olive
  • Bring my scrapbook up to date, no farther than 6 months behind the present
  • Get in the habit of journaling near-daily
  • Make strufolis for Christmas
  • Take Jeffery & Olive to New York
  • Find one or two really solid girlfriends here in the TC
  • Go lawnbowling at Brit’s Pub
  • Go to the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts on free Thursday
  • Visit the Walker Art Gallery and the sculpture garden… take my picture with the cherry spoon.

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