>I had been working at CABC for a month or so when the mysterious gift appeared on my desk – wrapped in blue tissue paper, tied with a white rope, no card. Hesitantly I opened it… and found the movie Almost Famous.

What the heck?

Over the next few weeks, I asked everyone I knew if they had any idea who it was from – or why. Nothing.

Then one day, as I walked across campus with the pastor I worked for (a pseudo-Grandpa I love dearly), explaining the story to him (he’d been out of the country for weeks), we entered the gymnasium. One of the custodians came in to turn on the lights for us, and as I walked in he said to me,”Did you like the movie?”

I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me, I was so caught off guard and embarrassed. Jerry stepped in with a bit of a tongue lashing on my behalf…”What are you doing giving someone a gift with no tag? You shouldn’t leave someone wondering like that…” And both Jeffery and I skulked off to hide somewhere.

He avoided me for a few days, until I unwittingly surprised him by staffing the front desk. “Why didn’t you leave a note?” I asked, with a hint of hurt in my voice.

And the floodgates opened. The next day there was a card and a poem in my mailbox, which were quickly followed by music on my voicemail, more poems. No talking. I left a thank you note, another note, some cookies. We were penpals who passed in the halls – till I started hinting that although this was sweet and romantic, it was time to step it up. It had been three months.

Our first date was sweet, had a comfortable feeling of people who already knew each other well. After all, we’d been writing. When Jeff dropped me off he said he had something for me and pulled out a small silver band – a ring. He said that it was to show his esteem for me, whatever else lay ahead. It was a friendship ring.

I was freaked out that for some reason this did not freak me out.

Somehow the ring felt most right on my left ring finger, which royally tripped out my best friend. Little did I know that this “silver” ring was platinum, and that it was one of three – including also an engagement ring and a wedding band, to be worn together as a set – which were all picked out for me. Designed for me. Before our first date.

Three months later, we were engaged.

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  1. >cuuuuuuuuute! Great story. 🙂 Found you through Magpie Girl’s “Remedies for Small Blogger Blues” post comments. Nice blog! And, I guess from your post about the food in the twin cities, that we’re neighbors of sorts… I’m a Wisconsinite… (Hudson). So howdy neighbor. *waves across the river*

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